Bilibit Foundation

The Bilibit Foundation is the very first Community-driven Crypto Ecosystem that spearheaded the Philippines cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Pioneered by the young ones in this country, they challenge the dwindling economy by mass adopting blockchain technology to apply in the whole Philippine archipelago. This will bring humanitarian initiatives together under one umbrella fueled by the Bilibit Coin (BLB). Each partner on the platform works independently while the Bilibit Foundation Platform facilitates.

The Bilibit Coin Use Cases

There is much need for humanitarian support. Many of these initiatives struggle with funding or have trouble getting organized properly. The Bilibit Platform can be the umbrella under which our partners can operate.
Charity & Donations

The Bilibit Coin and its Ecosystem can be used as donation tool for unfortunate people and calamity struck places. This will remove the barrier of middlemen big fee and almost zero to free cost at all.

Crowdfunding Ideas

The Bilibit Ecosystem can host a crowdfunding platform and aid crypto idealists to build killer DApp projects inside Bilibit. The Bilibit Coin will be used inside as bidding currency and reward points.

SMultivendor Marketplace

The Bilibit Ecosystem can host a decentralized Super Multivendor Marketplace powered by the Bilibit Coin and partner up with merchants around the globe.

The Bilibit Roadmap

The Bilibit Team

Meet our friendly and engaged Bilibit team members.


Core Developer
Lead Development

Revolutionary and Crazy Visionary. Discovering every technology especially blockchain and Quantum. Changing the way of commerce in the Philippines and across the globe.


Core Developer
Business Solutions Architect

A young Engineer in the field who studied quantum, cryptocurrency and the blockchain.


Core Developer
Documentation & Copywriter

A law graduate from the South of Philippines. She helped Bilibit at the very first stage of founding it.


Marketing & Community
Social Media Manager

Intensive experience on the web, whether deep or surface. A believer of Bilibit Idea.


Marketing & Community
Marketing Manager

She has 8 years experience on sales pitching. In love with the idea of Bilibit Project.


Marketing & Community
Public Relation

Co-founder of (cryptocurrency forum intended for Bounty hunters). Community manager of various projects. A member of LegitizeDrops. Passionate in his career in crypto and block chain industry.


Marketing & Community
Community Manager

A member of legitizeDrops (Bounty and Community Management) and have a experience in crypto field to handle several group in crypto.


Design Lead
UI/UX Designer

A composed young and eager lead graphic artist of Bilibit. Christoper just love Bilibit.


Project Development

Mr. Vernon is one of my advisor in Project Bilibit and one of the best advisor I've ever met, my influencer too. A British serial Entrepreneur, founder of and a Blockchain developer. Angel Investor and Chairman of Fintech Philippines Association. 30 years experience in IT industry, last 6 years in Fintech in SE Asia.


Project Guru

Mr. Gokul is the founder of EPIC Knowledge Society and the Admin of EPIC Blockchian Collective. Work with Global Hashgraph Community and Kerala Blockchain Academy. Former IT architech and Social evangelist of IBM. He is one of my advisor in Project Bilibit.


Project Management

Computer Engineer and a Systems Analyst by profession. Mr. Villarosa has been involved with cryptocurrency development, discussions groups and forums since 2017. His last post was with an Australian Big Data Analytic service provider as a project manager and was an advicer for another ICO. He will serve as an advisor for Project Bilibit.

The Bilibit Coin

The Bilibit Foundation Ecosystem is fueled by the Bilibit Coin. Use of the coin is fast, cheap and reliable. It is not bound by borders, does not rely on governments or companies and can also be used by unbanked people.

Bilibit Token Information

The Bilibit Token is based on the Ethereum Blockchain. The BLB contract address is 0x9b11b1b271a224a271619f3419b1b080fdec5b4a.

BLB info

Bilibit Token Trading

The Bilibit Token can be traded on the following exchanges.

Tokenjar ETH
Tokendex ETH
ForkDelta ETH
Ecex ETH & ZIG

Bilibit Token Wallets

The Bilibit Token can be stored on any ERC20 compliant wallet. We advise to use:

Rounded Image MEW
Rounded Image Metamask

Join the Bilibit Community

Bilibit has a large and friendly community for all people in this world. Please join us and let us change the world together!