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BLB ANN Events Bilibit Mainnet Masternode Whitelist

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Bilibit Mainnet Masternode PoS


As you can see we are preparing a whole new Prospective for Project Bilibit and now that we found the best to use then bilibit is confident enough on what's up ahead of our time.

Inviting All Interested Parties

Who wants to join the Masternode VIP whitelist after swap and Bilibit mainnet release by 2019? If we reach the target funding, then we can do it this year. That will be depend on our donators and supporters. Shortlisted applicants will have access to more privileges than the normal pools. Privileges will include increased rewards from a premined allocation of Bilibit coins and a whole lot more. This will be because they supported the project at its early stages by means of providing funding to run the nodes or by promoting intensively.

Q. Where are we heading after accepted?
A. You will be added in...

Guideline For New Crypto Believers (Read Me.txt)

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New users may be asked to post an introduction first before posting on other forums.

Here is the introduction link. Just add some few introduction of yourself and why you join the faith in crypto.

BLB ANN Recruiting Volunteer Armies

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Code of Conduct

Dedication and Team Work

Conscription Protocol


We will be needing more coders soon for a mobile app we are developing on Bilibit. Hope someone has the time to volunteer on their free time. Feel free to post your resume and no degree is required.

The Project will reward the app creators and security experts in ETH or BTC when prototyping and marketing starts. Sale of the products to the investors and supporters must be positive.

Security Experts

What does that mean Positive?

It means the app is solid and no security holes or backdoor are found. I know how troublesome zero day exploits and the black hats are. We need to secure the protocol itself.
For that we can secure...
Events One World Government and Crypto
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One World Government and Crypto


This Discussion was cut into two criteria

Bilibit's Perspective
Your Point of View

Share us your Point of View while Bilibit share his Perspective

Bilibit's Perspective

Your Point of View


This Discussion should be the center of learning and sharing your presumption, ideas and knowledge for the new world government related to Cryptocurrency that will rise soon.

Religion, Science or History

As long as hard facts is adhered and Crypto and fiat is...

Guideline Question & Answer Forum

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The Question & Answer Forums

The aim of this forums is to expand our knowledge in the World of Crypto and Blockchain. From now on Question Thread Starter can pick the best answer for their Questions. for this you can earn Ratings and more that will be useful later on in bounties, ranking up, referral contests and more events inside bilibit forum in the future. We want Bilibit not just an Earning den forum, we also want be the center of Learning den especially in cryptocurrency and the blockchain. From now on Only Question & Answer Forum will be the mining place of knowledge and ratings to reputations in the crypto space. I like to make it International so other races can gather and share the knowledge.

Introduction to the Question Thread

Some of you may notice when creating a thread there is a new criteria to pick on, Thread and Question right?
The Question is the Knowledge base in our Forum to learn more about Crypto. If you have some indeph...

Guideline Account Types in Bilibit Forum

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Types of Account in Bilibit Forum

Acount Type


The Grandfather of the forum never piss them or you will see the abyss lol. But if the admins are corrupt the community can do a jurisdiction by doing a voting poll to change them.

Global Moderators

This are like lower a little ranker than admins. They have access to all threads and almost everything inside the forum.

How to join the Group of Global Moderator?

You must be a Godly Believer and has prominent standing in the crypto community. Bilibit forum ratings of 500+ and a good reputation is a must.


Lower rank than global mod. They have access to their own respective forum.

How to join the Moderator...

BLB ANN CreaEther and Bilibit Partnership Sealed!

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Partnership Announcement!

Development is the Key and communication between a project is the most important part for a successful collaboration.

For this reason CreaEther and Bilibit has sealed a partnership to work together on their respective ecosystem and enable a Decentralized Open Pair Atomic Swap between the two projects.

BLB ANN Bilibit is now listed on!
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Greetings Bilibers! We are glad to announce that Edaex added BLB on their exchange platform.

You can now start trading here

Do not miss Bilibit referral contest

#BLB #ETH #Bilibit
BLB ANN Einax listed Bilibit!
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We are happy to announce that Einax has accepted Bilibit to add on their Exchange Platform.

You can check it on

(Planning to do airdrop on einax for everyone)

#BLB #ETH #BTC #Bilibit​

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